Hengtian Helps Jinhua Bank Build New Quality Assurance System

In October 2013, Hengtian won the contract of Jinhua Bank’s QA Management System project, further expanding Hengtian’s QA business in China this year. Hengtian has made significant effort in providing advanced QA consulting services to the financial industry. And with this project, Hengtian will fully utilize its rich experience in the financial QA field, and the QAMS (Quality Assurance Management System) tool developed by Hengtian to help the client build a new QA process and system.

In 2013, Hengtian implements the strategy of providing QA services to small- to medium-sized financial enterprises, after analyzing both the market requirements and our expertise. So far this year, projects in the QA arena have been carried out for the Shanghai Clearance House, Shaoxing Bank, and Jinhua Bank. This new project with Jinhua Bank once again demonstrates the high level of expertise of Hengtian QA team.