Hengtian Helped Client Successfully Release Large Portfolio Management and Accounting System

Mar.30th, 2012: A large new generation portfolio management and accounting system which is mainly developed by Hengtian, has been successfully released to the market and obtained the client’s admiration. The system, which includes nearly two hundred and fifty projects, seventy million lines of code, was created by over one hundred of Hengtian’s testers and developers over a five-year period. Quite a few financial industry clients have praised the new system’s value, through its excellent system architecture, project management and business workflow.

In the development process, the system was developed by a distributed system architecture using Microsoft’s latest WPF and WCF technology, and fully utilized multiple thread technology to completely redesign the system interface and improve the workflow. The usability, performance and deployment of the system are greatly improved with the help of these new features.

Through the development of this project, the Hengtian team gained valuable experience in large scale system development and testing, especially large scale system architecture, performance optimization, large project management, and business knowledge in the fields of global insurance and fund accounting. The insight and experience gained from this project will be of great benefit to Hengtian as we continue to expand and improve in our role as a professional global IT services provider.