Hengtian Growing Together with World Class Companies

Lately, the 2016 Global Fortune 500 companies was published while Hengtian is about to embrace its twelfth anniversary. Among the listed companies, quite a few are clients that Hengtian has been cooperating with for many years. As an IT services provider for global companies, Hengtian has been dedicated to providing trusted technology services to help our client achieve success.

Currently, Hengtian is focusing on building long-term and in-depth cooperation with our clients within mainly two business scopes: global IT services and domestic internet + solutions.

The below chart illustrates some of the Global 500 companies to which Hengtian has provided various technology services.

Below are a few selected case studies of Hengtian’s cooperation with the above Global Fortune 500 Clients.

Client A

The client initiated the first R&D attempt based on Basal II in China, developing a global market risk management system in line with the new Basal Supervision Capital Agreement in 2009. Hengtian joined the client’s project team as senior external resources in the research and development of the system along with world leading consulting companies. With its outstanding R&D standard and practicability, the system was awarded the first prize at the “2012 Bank Science and Technology Development Awards” hosted by People’s Bank of China.

Client B

As the client’s preferred partner in Hangzhou, Hengtian has provided the client with an integrated set of services including training and consulting workshop on testing methodologies and workflow ,development and testing of the CEO/CIO management information exchange platform, development and testing of the automated testing framework, BI development and testing for the Global Clients Department and other services related with the billing system of the web video conferencing products.

Client C

A team of 200 Hengtian employees took part in this client’s project, providing solution design, system component and application development, OS image development, systematic software development, software testing, and operating system testing services.

With its extensive PC domain knowledge and high professional standards, Hengtian has brought significant value to the client. This successful cooperation highlights Hengtian’s superior technology capabilities while underscoring today’s critical necessity for information security and intellectual property.