Hengtian Garners Best Global Service Outsourcing Provider in China

From March 21st to March 22nd, 2015, Hengtian was invited to attend the fourth Outsourcing Leadership Summit (China) in Hefei, Anhui Province. During the Summit, Hengtian was awarded as “Top 30 Global Outsourcing Service Provider in China 2014″ and “Top 15 Global IT Outsourcing Provider in China 2014”. These two prestigious awards were accepted on stage by the Mr. Wells Shi, who is the Vice President of Hengtian.

Wells Shi,the Vice president of Hengtian,is the fifth one from the right.

As the main software provider under Insigma, Hengtian attracted many of the attendee’s attention in the exhibition area. Mr. Mingbo Zhong, the Vice President of Insigma Technology, also spoke on the trends of development of the ITO industry during the forum on March 22nd.

About The Outsourcing Leadership Summit (China)

The Outsourcing Leadership summit has been held for four sessions since 2012. The fourth Outsourcing Leadership Summit was jointly organized by DSORC, China’s Outsourcing, and Creative+.  The annual industry summit brings together senior executives of leading service outsourcing enterprises and the industry’s leading experts. The summit is honored as China’s Gartner’s annual conference in the Service Outsourcing Industry.