Hengtian employee, SSZJTC Student Won TopCoder Collegiate Challenge in San Diego

Ninghai Huang, an employee of HengTian Software Ltd., or better known by his TopCoder handle, “PE,” took first place in the 2006 TopCoder Collegiate Challenge held in San Diego, California, USA. The event was held from November 15 to Novemeber17th, 2006.  The tournament challenges applicants to develop software programs within short time periods.  The competition is categorized into three areas: component design, algorithm design and component development.  Ninghai won the top prize in the component development track and earned USD$15,000.

This was the first onsite appearance for Ninghai and he submitted two out of three winning development challenges.

Ninghai Huang is a student of Zhejiang University and a part time employee of HengTian Software Ltd. He is working at State Street Zhejiang Technology Center at the time of the competition.

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