Hengtian Customized Large Screen of Data Visualization for Trillion-Level B2B Cross-Border E-Commerce Platform

Recently, Hengtian successfully delivered a customized large-screen data visualization project for Zhejiang JUMORE E-commerce Co., Ltd. According to JUMORE’s business characteristics and based on Hengtian’s data service capability and experience, Hengtian proposed four main modules to display on JUMORE’s large screen: global sourcing, overseas cooperation, domestic market service, and E-platform operation. The design proposal quickly captured the core demand of the client and ensured the successful launch in a short time.

Figure 1: Screenshot of JUMORE business modules

During the G20 Summit held in Hangzhou, the First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan visited JUMORE. By making use of the data visualization large screen, JUMORE vividly demonstrated its business achievements and strategic plans to the guests.

Figure 2: JUMORE introducing company businesses to the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan ( photo by JUMORE)

JUMORE is a B2B E-commerce platform, striving to build an ecology of sharing resources, such as finance, logistics, consulting, big data, authentication, etc. Now, JUMORE has cooperated with 30 provinces in China and over 80 countries around the world. JUMORE attended the B20 Summit in Hangzhou as a B2B E-commerce representative company. It is expected that the trading revenue of JUMORE will reach to 1 trillion this year, in which bulk commodity takes up 70%, and the trading revenue is expected to reach to 5 trillion next year.