Hengtian Creating a Mobile-Internet Digital Commerce Solution for Yue Cheng Automobiles to Start up a New Car Rental Business

In March of 2014, Hengtian officially signed a deal with Hangzhou Yue Cheng Automobile Leasing Company. Hengtian is to develop an IT solution for the company’s new pick-up and drop-off services, which will bring a new experience in car rental to both business travelers and tourists.

Propelled by the wave of mobile Internet, car rental companies focused on the reality of car-sharing have been growing rapidly in recent years. Yue Cheng is entering this market with strong IT backing from Hengtian.

Hengtian will provide Yue Cheng Automobiles with a mobile-Internet digital commerce solution that operates on multi-platforms including a PC web site, a mobile app (for both iOS and Android) and an app for WeChat, which is the predominant voice-and-text messaging service in China. Hengtian’s solution will roll the set of GPS location-based services, SMS notifications, mobile payment, couponing and other Internet marketing functions into a one-stop car rental experience that includes searching, ordering, and payment.