Hengtian Collaborates with China Unicom in Developing Enterprise Cloud Market

Hengtian recently signed a strategic Cooperation Agreement concerning cloud computing with Unicom Cloud Data Co. (Zhejiang Branch). Based on the principles of resource sharing, joint development, and complementary advantages, both parties will make use of an open architecture framework and open ecosystem to develop enterprise Cloud Computing.

HengtianYun, the key cloud product developed by Hengtian, has focused on cloud computing for several years and includes several mature cloud products and solutions. Relying on its own R&D and technical advantages, HengtianYun will provide a series of services that include system integration, data migration, technical service consulting, and technical implementation to help users migrate their systems to Unicom’s Wo Cloud. HengtianYun will also participate in the Unicom’s Wo Cloud ecosystem to enhance the development of Wo Cloud projects. Meanwhile, HengtianYun will support the sales of Wo Cloud.

About Unicom Cloud Data Co., Ltd

Unicom Cloud Data Co., Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of China Unicom, is dedicated to providing on-demand IT services to clients as well as to building a new, international cloud and IDC carrier. Unicom Wo Cloud will provide prompt and efficient cloud services to individuals, enterprises, and the government.  Unicom Cloud currently offers a public service cloud as well as an exclusive service cloud, and is in the process of developing and promoting a series of cloud hosting, storage, and application products. The company has built more than 10 cloud data centers across China, many of which are now fully operational. Once all of its nationwide data centers are up and running, Unicom Cloud is expected to become China’s largest cloud computing IaaS service provider.