Hengtian Chairman Talks about the Development of China Tech at Asia-American Chamber of Commerce


Early February, 2018, Robert R. Williams, the Chairman of Hengtian, delivered a speech at the Asia-American Chamber of Commerce, and shared his observations and insights on the development of China Technology Market in the past decades.

Mr. Williams started off his presentation by providing some background on global business and Hengtian’s representative clients.  He went on to say that China’s financial and technology market between the 1980’s and 2010’s developed slowly. However, in recent years, it is developing much more rapidly. Now, more and more enterprises are focusing on specific tech sectors, such as AI and robotics, mobile and online transactions, distributed data centers, cross-border investment and so on.

It is also worth noting that third party payment technology is on the rise, with payment platforms such as Alipay and Wechat Pay. It is because of this that the banking industry has had to make changes in order to face new challenges.  Therefore, it can be concluded that the tech market has huge potential and that China tech has expanded rapidly in the global market over recent years. Chinese national policy priorities also play a large role in the development of China tech.

During his speech, Mr. Williams also introduced Hengtian’s technology solutions on smart city and AI, such as BlueMorpho, CapiRobo, TextValve and Intelligent Distribution System. Hengtian plays an active role in the research of AI.

Mr. Williams concluded his presentation by sharing his opinion that China tech still faces many new opportunities and challenges. He believes that China policy successes, if achieved, will result in a significant rise in China’s global presence over time, including growing sophistication in the development and use of “soft power”.