Hengtian Builds Digital Central Control Platform For Tech-Bank, Gain the Admiration of Leaders of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs

Recently, Kangzhen Yu, the Vice-Minister of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs along with the leaders of Anhui Government visited Tech-bank (Ningbo Tech-bank Co., Ltd, SZ: 002124) and showed his appreciation to the IOT central control platform of digital agriculture project.


Pic 1:The demonstration of the central control platform

Tech-bank, as one of the most complete agriculture and animal husbandry enterprises of China’s industrial chain, generated large amounts of data during the rapid development of industrial chain. Hengtian assisted Tech-bank to build digital central control platform to collect, organize and analyze different kinds of daily management data and displayed in time in the monitoring center since 2017.

As a representative digital project approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, the sow farming of He County of Hanswine, the subsidiary of Tech-bank, focused on constantly improving the level of intelligent management. Based on integrated IOT equipment, Hengtian assists Tech-bank to build a fully fit informational platform including large-size screen monitors, APP and back-end management systems, which can realize the integrated display, storage and configuration management of production, environmental control and environmental warning information, so as to track the situation of every pig since its birth to ensure food security. Hengtian helped the client to break Information Island, promoted sustainable development of artificial agriculture and animal husbandry. Hengtian and Tech-bank began cooperation in digital agriculture IOT construction program since then, and has deeper cooperation in the aspects of private cloud and infrastructure services. In the future, Hengtian will also assist Tech-bank to improve the overall security of the data center.


Pic 2: The comprehensive information data platform

Hengtian provides a one-stop solution from data integration to data analysis, as well as a powerful data analysis, reporting and visualization platform based on enterprise’s data demand. Hengtian has helped General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine built E-commerce risk monitoring visualization system and built data visualization command platform for Department of Public Security of Shandong Province. Hengtian aims at assisting clients to turn the data into valuable information, effectively support enterprise’s management and decision-making.