Hengtian Big Data Helping Taiping Life Insurance Achieve Stronger Data Management

Recently, Hengtian successfully signed a contract with Taiping Life Insurance Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Taiping Insurance Group Ltd. to use data governance and intelligent retrieval technology to change the traditional document management methods in the industry. It helps clients unify the internal data, improves knowledge access efficiency reduce retrieval difficulty, simplifies the way of asking questions, thus promotes the efficiency of operations management and business development efficiency.

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Based on Hengtian’s big data product, Text Valve, which has a number of technical invention patents, the project worked out rapidly. As a leading big data company in China, Hengtian has been in the financial data service field for more than ten years. Hengtian has successfully assisted the government and enterprise clients in digital information by taking advantage of artificial intelligence technologies, such as crawler, big data, natural language processing and machine learning. It meets the diversified data needs of enterprise accurate information aggregation, personalizes content recommendation, industry data analysis, public opinion report and intelligent knowledge extraction, and helps enterprises achieve industrial upgrading and innovation development.

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Data integration and analysis capabilities tailored to your needs

In this cooperation, Hengtian assists Taiping to open up information barriers, build information resource sharing system, and enable large-scale operations. It is a typical application of Hengtian’s big data capabilities in the financial field. Hengtian will continue enlarging the data sources, to build a more intelligent and systematic database for financial clients, and promote its informatization process in all directions.

About Taiping Life Insurance Co. Ltd

Taiping Life Insurance Co. Ltd is a subsidiary of China Taiping Insurance Group Ltd. It is the sixth national life insurance company, and has the most complete product line in China, providing professional life insurance financial services to individuals and groups. At present, the company is headquartered in Shanghai with a registered capital of 10.03 billion yuan.