Hengtian Attended International Financial Exhibition and KPMG Outsourcing Summit in Beijing

Hengtian’s delegates attended China International Financial Exhibition (CIFE) 2013 and KPMG Annual China Shared Services and Outsourcing Summit 2013, both in Beijing, and bought back the industries’ newest and hottest trends.

The CIFE 2013 attracted hundreds of exhibitioners from finance-related industries such as banking, securities, gold, and banking-related hardware and software industries. One prominent trend shown in this exhibition was the increasing importance of mobile banking. Other highlights included cutting edge intelligent anti-counterfeit technologies and intelligent banking.

The KPMG Annual China Shared Services and Outsourcing Summit 2013 was well-attended by 400-500 vendors and buyers.  Between presentations and panel discussions, the conference explored a number of topics in shared services (alternatively over the years called internal sourcing, captive, global business services), and outsourcing. Topics that were most discussed by both the speakers and attendees were: China’s largest companies, especially state-owned enterprises, are doing more in shared services; the hybrid model of shared sourcing plus outsourcing might be the most effective model; data analytics today is much like the Web in the late 1990s, and it is becoming a differentiator among outsourcing vendors; and that China holds a lot of promise in generating innovation in the next decade.