Hengtian and UCC Joint Workshop How AI is Solving System Transformation Problems

The workshop Fintech’s next wave: east meets west, which was organized by University College Cork and Hengtian, successfully took place on Dec 7th, 2017 in Dublin, Ireland. This event attracted more than 50 attendees from global and Irish technology and financial services firms as well as Irish regulators.

The workshop started with an introduction to the UCC and Hengtian collaboration by Mr. Robert Williams, Chairman of Hengtian and Mr. Mark Hutchinson, Dean of Cork University Business School that the two parties will jointly develop technology products and services in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Figure 1: Photos at the workshop

In the keynote sessions, Mr. Albert Ma, Chief Innovation Officer of Hengtian, talked about BlueMorpho an intelligent source code analysis and translation platform. Albert addressed key problems that IT will encounter during legacy system transformation, and how BlueMorpho can solve the issues by automatically providing system ontology, business ontology, etc based on its language parser, NLP and AI technologies. In addition, Prof. Keting Yin introduced Hyperchain, including how the blockchain technology employed and examples of business cases in China.

Figure 2: Albert Ma, presenting the BlueMorpho video

During the panel discussion, attendees also shared their opinions on the difference of innovation and adoption between China and western world, e.g. Blockchain in terms of both technology and business cases and so on.

The workshop provided a forum for both academia and industry from east to west to share innovative work, exchange ideas, discuss progress, and address challenges.