Hengtian and State Street (Zhejiang) Initiate Financial Product Innovation Project

On May 26, 2014, the signing ceremony for “Wang Fu Bao”, a project in financial product innovation between Hengtian and State Street (Zhejiang) took place in the Insigma Software Park. State Street’s Executive Vice President Mr. Jerry Cristoforo, Insigma’s Chairman Mr. Lie Shi, and Hengtian’s President and CEO Dr. Bo Zhou attended this event.

“Wang Fu Bao” is intended as an online platform that helps users simulate and analyze fund investments. This project’s innovative approaches will include presenting the China fund market in an interactive and visualized way, suggesting the most effective investment combinations through crowd intelligence, and providing a transparent platform for users to easily obtain fund market information and data.

This cooperation marks a new chapter in the field of financial product innovation for Hengtian.