Hengtian and DST Bluedoor Signed Big Cooperation Agreement

Recently, Hengtian signed a big cooperation agreement with a worth of over ten million RMB with DST Bluedoor, a leading wealth management service provider in Australia. According to the contract, the cooperation covers the development of customized system, system re-engineering, product R&D and digital solutions.

Hengtian started the cooperation with DST Bluedoor since 2015 and made outstanding achievements in performance evaluation and performance tuning for its large-volume transaction products as well as other high-end technical services. Based on advanced technical services and excellent talents, Hengtian team has gained high recognition and built a long-term strategic partnership with DST Bluedoor.

Group photo of some team members

About DST Bluedoor


DST Bluedoor is the leading software company specializing in wealth management solutions designed to streamline administrative processes for businesses offering products to the funds management and retirement savings markets. DST Bluedoor is a fully owned subsidiary of DST Systems Inc. a NYSE listed company.