Hangzhou Service Outsourcing Cooperation Symposium was held at USA

On 14th September, the Hangzhou government delegation and business mission which are leaded by the deputy mayor Tong Guili were invited to attend the Gartner Outsourcing Summit which is held at Orlando of USA and on the summit, they held the “Hangzhou Service Outsourcing Cooperation Symposium”.Since 2007 when the China outsourcing enterprises entered this summit, Hangzhou is the first city which sends the local government delegation attend summit and independently holds the symposium during Gartner Outsourcing Summit.
Hangzhou Service Outsourcing Cooperation Symposium has aroused the concerns from international and domestic summit participation enterprises. The 37 foreign service outsourcing enterprises such as Microsoft BT Global Allianz Life and Sun Trust as well as the domestic service outsourcing leading enterpises such as China Software International, Beyond Technology, IsoftStone and HiSoft and the service outsourcing enterpises at Hangzhou such as Wansong of Zhejiang University, State Street (Zhejiang), Huaxin Design, Hang Seng Electronic, Dongchi Technology and Lingchuan Software entered the symposium.

From: www.hangzhou.com.cn