Hangzhou Daily Insigma Aspires to Establish an International Software Factory in Hangzhou

According to the “Software Revenue Top 100 Corporations 2007” released by the Ministry of Information Industry of China, software corporations in Hangzhou were big winners again.  Insigma Technology Corp., as one of the leading IT service company in Hangzhou, was ranked the top 5 of the list.  The company was also consecutively ranked the top 2 in “China offshore software outsourcing ranking list”.

Relying on service outsourcing for these years, Insigma Technology Corp. has been in a leading position among IT outsourcing providers in China. Not like high- pollution, high-consumption and low add-value industries, service outsourcing is an environment-friendly, knowledge-intensive, and globally oriented industry expected to undergo tremendous growth in the next decade.  Its development will improve the labor force quality of China, drive Chinese enterpriese’ transition from labor- intensive to knowledge-intensive, and lead the modern service industry boom in China.

In 2007 Insigma Technology Corp. has been approaching its goal of building an International Software Factory.

Highlight Review of 2007

Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd. and Insigma Technology signed a global strategic collaboration memorandum in Hangzhou on March 8, 2007.

The 2007 Mobile Innovation Summit Forum, held in Hangzhou, and was jointly sponsored by Insigma Technology Corp., China Mobile and Microsoft on March 17, 2007.

Insigma Technology Corp. and Zhejiang University co-established Insigma Technology Financial Information Center. The signing ceremony was held on April 17, 2007.

“…Insigma Technology Corp. is partnering with Microsoft Corp., and it has already owned an R&D group of 400-plus software engineers responsible for US market development, and the company has made its revnue strike twice …”. ——  From CCTV News, August 26, 2007, about the success story of Insigma Technology’s software outsourcing.

International Conference on Information Technology for Financial Services 2007(ICITFS) was held in Hangzhou, China, from Nov.5th to Nov.7th, joining the efforts of the Hangzhou Municipal Government, Zhejiang University, Insigma Hengtian and State Street Technology Zhejiang (SSTZ).

(Hangzhou Daily)