Great Minds Think Alike – Together towards a Digital-driven Future for Project Management

The Fifth West Lake Industrial Summit on Project Management was successfully concluded on Nov. 26! A truly enlightening journey for all attendees.

Co-held by the Zhejiang Software Industry Association (ZSIA) and Project Management Committee (PMC) of ZSIA, the summit attracted 100+ experts from the Institute of Artificial Intelligence of Zhejiang University, Insigma, Alibaba, Cisco China, and Geely, among other leading technology organizations, to discuss topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twin, and Project Management in the New Era.

State Street China and Hengtian, a key member of ZSIA, arranged a sub-conference with our Vice President @Xiaochun Zhu, Deputy Director of the PMC of ZSIA, as the host. Dr. Xiaoqiong Zhao, as a special guest, shared projects delivered by Hengtian and other technology companies about how they have applied Digital Twin technology in key areas of China’s new infrastructure.