Foreign Exchange Transaction Execution System Successfully Released, Hengtian Helps Client Limit Risk

A large state-owned bank and Hengtian recently co-developed an inter-market comprehensive foreign exchange transaction execution system. It was successfully released and has received positive feedbacks from the client. This system is a customized foreign exchange transaction execution system based on the market makers quotes response trading process. By adopting integrated risk control management system as well as pre-transaction vetting process, it combines both manual and automated endeavors, greatly limiting the risks of transactions.

The foreign exchange market is fast-moving and rapidly changing and the speed in which transactions are handled has a tremendous impact on profits. There was also a vital need to limit the potential risks of the system. Finding the appropriate balance between speed and risk management was the largest technical challenge in the development of this new system. This system achieved the perfect balance between speedy straight through process trade and high quality pre-control, thanks to its outstanding processing performance, 7*24 reliable operating capacities, and trader-friendly user experience. In the second day after the release, the client’s foreign trading volume exceeded 30 million USD for the first time. In light of this great accomplishment, the bank’s foreign exchange department sent the following message, “The new system has exceeded our expectations in its support and contribution to our business development.”

Hengtian’s finance IT team is committed to creating value for our clients. The continued success of this foreign exchange transaction system has led to additional wide-ranging cooperation opportunities between Hengtian and our large state-owned bank partner. The co-developing inter-bank market front, middle and back office supporting system projects will be launched soon afterwards.