Executives From Fortis Haitong & Hengtian Met in Hangzhou

On March 28th, 2008?Vice President Xiaoqing Yan and IT manager Qing Gao of Fortis Haitong Investment Management Co., Ltd. visited Hengtian to check on the localization progress of PAM (Portfolio Asset Management).

This was the first formal meeting between HengTian and Fortis Haitong.  During the meeting, BA of PAM team in Hengtian introduced the main test content in Harvest Fund Management Co. and showed the PAM’s local accounting system. The meeting was successful in building a good foundation for further cooperation between HengTian and Fortis Haitong.

Currently, PAM system is attracting increasingly more domestic asset management institutions. The most crucial step now is to reach the first deal in the domestic market, which will help PAM’s earlier entrance into the Chinese financial market.