Efficiently Mining Data Value and Uncover BI Optimization Solutions for Fortune 500 Company

Recently, Hengtian successfully implemented a customized BI optimization solution for a Fortune 500 medical device company, significantly enhancing its reporting performance and data quality.

The client, a leading enterprise in flourishing medical device market, confronted challenges in integrating and analyzing business and marketing data, which are critical for strategic decision-making. As the market demand evolved, the increasing volume and variety of data sources compounded the complexity of BI report development and maintenance. Hengtian seized this opportunity to collaborate closely with the client, tackling issues such as prolonged data model loading times and intricate maintenance requirements. The partnership aimed to refine report performance, streamline the integration of marketing data, and eliminate data silos, enabling efficient data value extraction and informed decision-making.

Hengtian Business Intelligence Solution

Business Intelligence (BI) is a set of intelligent tools and processes to transform business data into visual report information. It can help enterprise managers gain insights into the business trends behind the data, to better understand the operation status of the enterprise, make more scientific decisions, and transform and reconstruct the operation and management, business model, and consumption model. With the wide application of new-generation digital infrastructure in business activities, data-driven business decision-making has become an important driving force for enterprises to realize benign development. As an important engine of modern enterprise development, BI plays a crucial role in enterprise digital transformation and is increasingly becoming a key factor in the ability to explore the value of data fully.

Leveraging Hengtian’s rich experiences in enterprise-level data governance and report optimization,the team optimized the existing reporting architecture, and realized the effective integration and coherence of marketing-related data based on BI visual reports and the infrastructure of the Cloud Lake Digital Warehouse, which significantly improved the efficiency  and accuracy of reporting, and achieved the overall optimization of the report performance.

Through the BI report optimization and manual importing of files into the lake project, Hengtian helped the client solve the long-standing problems of report performance and data quality, and promote the coherence of business-critical data flow. This refined process for generating BI reports was further streamlined and automated, minimizing manual involvement and the potential for errors.

The project gained high praise from the client. There was at least a 50% increase in the efficiency of developing reports on relevant topics, and a 50% reduction in the man-hours required for report maintenance support, enabling the provision of more timely and precise business data reports to clients and significantly boosting the overall reporting efficiency. Furthermore, the project helped the client more accurately comprehend market demand and changes, anticipate and proactively adapt to market trends in advance, improve decision-making efficiency and accuracy, diminish operational expenses, and stimulate business innovation.

In the realms of big data management, report migration, and development optimization, Hengtian team has gained profound technical and business experiences and has provided tailor-made data service support for many famous domestic and global clients such as Nike, Cisco, etc. Hengtian is committed to providing clients with more valuable services and empowering the digital transformation of enterprises with the power of data.

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