Deputy Prime Minister of Ireland Praised Hengtian’s Global Services Capability

Wednesday March 14th, The Tánaiste and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Simon Coveney met with Hengtian Vice President Jun Chen in Shanghai as part of a six day tour that includes meetings with Chinese political officials and promoting business relationships with Chinese enterprises. This visit comes as a way to encourage cooperation between the two countries. In recent years, the trade between Ireland and China has rapidly increased.


Figure 1: A group photo of Mr Simon Coveney( third from the left), Mr Eoin O’Leary, Ambassador of Ireland( forth from the left), Mr Jun Chen( second from the left), Mr John Conlon, Executive Vice President of IDA( first from the left)

During the meeting, the Tánaiste elaborated that Ireland attracts many international companies from all over the world and has a growing tech industry. Businesses that go to Ireland not only have the opportunity to work with local companies, but also get support from the Irish Government. At present, Ireland has a very open economy that attracts many companies from abroad. Because of this, Ireland has already become a global business and research platform.

“As a large technology services company, Hengtian has a very significant skill set in terms of software development and software innovation across multiple sectors”, The Tánaiste said, “we welcome Hengtian to Ireland to strengthen your business globally and use Ireland as a gateway to branch into the European market.”


Figure 2: During the meeting

In 2010, Hengtian started cooperating with DST Financial Services, a Life and Pension Insurance Company based in Dublin. Over the past several years, the Hengtian team has already grown to over 100 employees. Hengtian’s strong technical strength and excellent service succeeded in winning the trust of the client. Last year, Hengtian signed a MoU with the University of College Cork. This was the starting point for the two organizations to collaborate as partners on the development of technology products and services in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Overall, cooperation in business and trade between Ireland and China has grown immensely over the past few years. In 2017, trade between Ireland and China was estimated to be worth 15 billion Euro. Given Hengtian’s past experience in Ireland, the company looks forward to fostering business relationships and further collaborating with Irish and European businesses in the future.