Delegation of PFS Visited Hengtian

On Feb.19, 2008, the delegation from Princeton Financial Systems (PFS) paid a visit to Hengtian. As a leading provider of portfolio management and accounting solutions to global institutional investors, the company has its representatives discuss with Hengtian senior management about the PAM system strategy, and have a view of the localization of this system in China.

Hengtian leadership represented that Hengtian was planning to help PFS to push PAM system to local financial investment institutions. And a group of members in Hengtian,including sales team, technical team and BA team, would be available for the case. And the localization process of the PAM program in China would be expected to be greatly supported.

PFS (Princeton Financial Systems) is a State Street company. And Princeton Financial’s solutions reflect the vast expertise and resources the company possesses as a global organization itself.  Princeton Financial is a subsidiary of State Street Corp., which employs more than 19,800 people in a network that spans 100 markets and has offices located in 23 countries.

Founded in 1969 in Princeton, NJ (USA), Princeton Financial introduced its PAM® family of investment systems in 1989. Today, PAM has become the No. 1-ranked system in the mutual fund, insurance and pension fund industries.