China Reinsurance Visited Hengtian Together Exploring Intelligent Technology to Enable Insurance Industry

Recently, Jian Feng, the managing director of informational technology of China Reinsurance Group and China Re Catastrophe Risk management Company Ltd along with his team visited Hengtian. Wells Shi, the Vice President and John Zhao, the Operating Director of Hengtian as well as the insurance business team warmly welcomed and discussed the cooperation, follow-up promotion plan and prospect in the future together.

China Re Group is the only state-owned reinsurance group in China. In terms of reinsurance premium income, it ranks first in Asia and the seventh globally.  Based on its strong shareholder background and sound capital strength, China Re owns the ability of sustainable business development and steady profit growth. Besides, it also actively carries out product and service innovation and uses new technologies to help the development of the insurance industry based on its deep understanding of insurance industry and market under the circumstance of the sustainable business development.


Pic 1: The group picture

Hengtian provided big data and online construction administration solutions to China Re since the cooperation and has successfully delivered the projects. As one of the benchmarking clients in the industry of domestic insurance, China Re is satisfied with Hengtian’s business knowledge and the value of customer-first. China Re also looks forward to widening the cooperation in the field of reinsurance and catastrophe insurance and deepening the discussion on business scenarios of science and technology enabling insurance.

As a reinsurance company, China Re has a higher demand of the capability of product innovation and R&D. Hengtian, as the partner of China Re, will strengthen the technology applying in the field of intelligence plus, carry out in-depth cooperation in the development of products and services, contribute more Chinese wisdom and strength to the development of reinsurance and the prevention of catastrophe risks, promote China Re to go global in a larger scope and build an insurance science and technology community more closely with the world.


Pic2: Visiting of the Insigma exhibition