Chairman of DST Systems Visits Hengtian, Praises Elite TeamDST Systems

On September 5th, the board chairman of DST Systems Steve Hooley and accompanying administrators visited Hengtian. Chairman of Hengtian Robert R. Williams and CEO Bo Zhou prepared a warm reception for the guests, presenting them with an overview of Hengtian’s 10-year history, along with its primary achievements and successful track record regarding international contracts. Hengtian also highlighted its most notable R&D developments-turned-products in the fields of big data and Cloud computing.

While meeting with Hengtian’s elite team, which provides services for DST, Steve Hooley praised their contributions and encouraged them to express their opinions, urging them to continue striving toward building a bright future for both DST Systems and Hengtian. Toward the end of their visit, Steve Hooley and his administrators visited the headquarters of Insigma Technology and took part in a discussion with the chairman of Insigma Technology, Lie Shi, regarding the strategic cooperation between DST Systems and Insigma Technology.

About DST Systems

DST Systems, Inc. (“DST”) is a global provider of technology-based service solutions that enable clients to grow their business and provide exceptional customer experiences. We help them process, communicate and safeguard critical customer information needed to manage life’s most important business. Built on a strong heritage of industry experience, technological expertise and service excellence, we help our clients connect to their customers to help them save, protect and grow their assets, plan for retirement and live a healthy lifestyle. In addition to technology-based solutions, we also provide integrated print and electronic statement and billing solutions, and our data centers provide technology infrastructure support for companies around the globe.