CEO of IFDS Luxembourg and IFDS Ireland visited Hengtian and SSTZIFDS

Hangzhou, China, June 23rd 2010: Mr. Paul O’ Neil, CEO of IFDS Luxembourg and IFDS Ireland, visited Hangzhou, and was warmly received by senior management both from State Street Hangzhou and Insigma Hengtian.

During the conversation, executives from each side shared the current situation of their company and further discussed the development of financial market in China. A project status report was given by the corresponding project manager of Hengtian. All the representatives had a pleasant discussion about the project, and Paul was very satisfied with the work the project team had achieved. Later, Paul joined an informal talk with all team members in person, and expressed his appreciation of team’s great working enthusiasm, as well as the physical environment in Hengtian.

IFDS is the leading supplier of investor-recordkeeping services and systems. It is a joint venture between DST Systems and State Street, which operates in the UK, USA and Canada.