Bridging the Distance: Hengtian’s Team is “HERE” to Make Your Project Happen!

Hengtian offers various cooperation modes to get things done. Let’s now dive into a successful onshore working experience with one of our dedicated teams.

What inspired the journey

For the first time since the project’s inception, we flew across hemispheres to Melbourne, embarking on a two-week on-site endeavor to accelerate our client’s data migration journey. Our team, comprised of seasoned experts including two tech leads, a QA lead, and a project manager, recognized the need for a closer collaboration and took the leap to work on-site. We’re determined to overcome the project’s technical and business intricacies.

The fruits of our stay

This onsite visit proved to be a game-changer. The efficiency of communication soared as we engaged in real-time discussions, brainstorming sessions, and problem-solving with the client’s team. Our presence acted as a catalyst, enhancing the overall project experiences and cementing the partnership between our organizations.

During our stay in Melbourne, our client treated us like family, allowing us to fit in seamlessly with the local teams. In just two weeks, we achieved a significant milestone, progressing from system testing to system integration testing with third-party stakeholders. This accomplishment was duly recognized, reaffirming our commitment and expertise.

A glimpse into the future

By combining technical prowess with on-site collaboration, we transcended boundaries and built a stronger working relationship. Our successful partnership serves as a foundation for future endeavors, as trusted advisors, and solution providers.

As we bid farewell to Melbourne, the memories of our collaboration and the positive impact made will propel us towards greater success together.