Brand Storytelling Through ‘Experience’ | Hengtian Wins Renowned Insurance Company’s Website Renovation Project!

Recently, Hengtian has taken on a website renovation project for a well-known insurance company. The pivotal role in this endeavor falls upon our Customer Experience Creative Center (HCXC) team, which will be responsible for upgrading the clients official website, interpreting the clients digital brand image from various dimensions such as user experience, brand storytelling, and traffic operations. Additionally, we aim to create a new private domain matrix that seamlessly integrates the official website, mobile platform, and mini-program.

About Our Client

Our client is a nationwide comprehensive insurance company with total assets exceeding 190 billion and over 6 million customers, ranking in the top 10% nationally. As their customer base continues to grow, the demands on their brand websites service capacity have become increasingly complex. In addition to fulfilling basic requirements of brand image delivery and sales acquisition, the website must also serve as a platform for user interaction and address post-sales needs.

About Our Team

Established in 2015, the HCXC is a young and dynamic team with diverse backgrounds and interdisciplinary expertise. We are dedicated to providing top-quality experience consulting and full-stack design services. With nearly a decade of experience in user research, interaction design, and User Interface in the fields of financial technology and digital business, our team is committed to delivering the highest level of service.

Our Trilogy Plan

One Step Forward for Deeper Customization

To meet our clients needs, our HCXC team has customized a comprehensive brand upgrade plan. This plan encompasses constructing a complete customer journey, from brand concept building to insurance consultation and post-sales service. Through meticulous experience planning, our goal is to seamlessly integrate brand content reputation, traffic platforms, and agent channels, optimizing traffic flow and enhancing the overall user experience from a holistic perspective.

Throughout the process, our HCXC team provides the client with comprehensive consulting services and practical solutions. We address the clients technological requirements, provide SEO services, and offer tailored operational services to enhance brand visibility and sales.

Crafting Brand Experience with Storytelling Mindset

The experience itself is a rhythmic and continuous process, akin to breathing. A successful brand experience is like a captivating story that immerses the audience and leaves a lasting impression.

Our design team, guided by a sensitivity to problems and empathy for users, delves into user needs and brand advantages. By constructing storytelling scenarios and utilizing a unique design language, we effectively convey the brands essence to users.

Taking the clients official website as an example, we strategically incorporate brand stories and slogans to enhance customer trust. These elements are prominently displayed on the homepage, allowing users to quickly identify the brand and form initial impressions. On the second-level page, we showcase high-frequency services and core products that align with user demands and stimulate desires. The third-level page highlights the companys corporate responsibility, boosting brand influence and alleviating customer concerns.

Details Enable a More Personalized Experience Journey

Establishing a brand image is akin to building relationships with users. Throughout this process, the brands personality and values are gradually discovered and appreciated, bringing users closer. Before providing services, our design team conducts user research and utilizes various usability tests, such as surveys and prototype testing, to optimize the experience in a professional, systematic, and personalized manner.

Tailoring our solutions to different user profiles, we segment different guide functions to ensure precise user segmentation for new users, seasoned users, economic channels, and job seekers on the homepage. By focusing on both perceptual and functional aspects, we cater to the diverse needs of various user profiles.

Moreover, during the initial product screening phase, our team customizes product shelf push algorithms that align with users understanding of different product types. By closely aligning with user scenarios, we provide personalized recommendations. From an experiential standpoint, we optimize entrances to address privacy concerns and handle claims-related queries, offering multidimensional protection and enhancing user engagement.

Exceptional experiences evoke user emotions and foster a strong emotional bond with the brand. Whether its brand perception, product satisfaction, or customized user experiences, all of these can be realized through the language of digital interaction. This approach elevates brand management and makes consumer interactions more captivating and enchanting.