A Greener Way to Reduce Waste for Luxury Brands

It’s in the spotlight how luxury brands can effectively ease the burden of inventories and improve their brand image through more flexible marketing methods, as the economic outlook has become uncertain and blurry, and public awareness of environmental protection has risen.

In recent years, many countries have escalated policies to combat waste. Under multiple pressures from public opinion, policies, and the economy, an increasing number of luxury brands no longer adopt the idea of stockpile destruction. Instead, they are exploring new ways to reduce waste and increase inventory turnover (ITO) while safeguarding their brand image.

The e-commerce platform we are creating for our client provides an online shopping system that allows the company to launch internal sales events with employee discounts, where unsold goods are sold exclusively to employees on discount. The platform has diverse functions including employee management, adding relatives of employees, credits management, goods management, and order management. It offers a one-stop solution for users, from placing orders to delivering orders, as well as returns and exchanges. Given the fast iteration and high added value of fashion products, the solution enables the company to, on the one hand, better digest the inventory of out-of-season clothes, increase ITO, and boost sales. On the other hand, it helps the company get a kind of free advertising, improve perks for employees, and strengthen company cohesion.

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