2008 Campus Recruitment was Completed in HT

Since HengTian and State Street are both in large need of a great number of new talents to keep their rapid growth in 2008, a jointly-engaged mass recruiting fair was held by the two companies in many campuses this fall, which has been winded up with a satisfying result on a whole.

In this nearly three-month large-scale campus recruitment, 170-plus graduates with computer science degree, out of more than 6 thousand candidates, from over 20 colleges in 9 cities were finally selected to sign up, after several rounds of tests including resume examination, written test and interview.

The event also helped to strengthen the images of HT and of SSTZ as top employers. Even with employment offers in hands, some graduates insisted on watching for the recruitment from HT and SSTZ.

According to professors from Tongji University in Shanghai?graduates from metropolis such as Shanghai and Beijing tend not to work in other cities, but working in HT&SSTZ would be a great attraction to them. In HT and SSTZ, employees are expected to enjoy better chance of development from higher starting point and favorable living condition in Hangzhou.

All these good news make us more confident in the future development of HT and SSTZ. It’s also reported that the two companies are planning to hire more talents by holding another recruiting event especially for the students preparing for the postgraduate examination next spring.