AlphaTest - A Unified
Platform for Quick Test Automation

Supports Web, UI clients, Mobile and APIs automation testing implementation

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Bo Zhou-Digital Era will be Universally Recognized

Digital transformation provided new driving forces to development of enterprises

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Hengtian Obtained ISO14001
and ISO45001 Certificates

Good News!

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Based on over 10 years of experience in the development of enterprise information, Hengtian has created a series of professional products and works to continuously evolve its products and improve their application value so as to guarantee a high standard of client service and product quality.


Hengtian has accumulated profound business knowledge, advanced technical expertise and mature project management capabilities. Hengtian fully understands and explores the needs of clients and striving to meet their demands as well as pay close attention to the research and development of new technologies in order to continually develop their level of specialized service, enabling their clients to achieve professional and efficient information system experience.