Why Hengtian

We create value for our clients by utilizing the resources of ZJU that integrate production, education and research, our technical strengths, and our innovated application for each business scenario.

Value Proposition

Hengtian surpasses other offshore outsourcing companies in the following ways:

Deep Domain Knowledge

Hengtian has accumulated deep domain knowledge in the financial industry by delivering projects to State Street Corporation as both a strategic partner and an equity owner. Hengtian has extended its domain knowledge to cover banking and finance, insurance, healthcare, telecommunication, e-commerce, and manufacturing, while expanding its capacities in mobile platforms and cloud infrastructure. Hengtian strives to apply its domain knowledge to its global clients such as State Street, DST, Princeton Financial Systems, Honda, Cisco, Thomson Reuters, Toshiba in the U.S., U.K./Ireland, Canada, Australia and other parts of the world, in addition to our clients in China, including Alibaba, The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, The Agricultural Bank of China, and The China Foreign Exchange Trade System.


Predictable Delivery and Effective Cost Management

Hengtian's co-sourcing model surpasses the traditional outsourcing model in various ways. With co-sourcing, we provide a team of dedicated employees and specialized resources to ensure long-term results for our clients. We use a team structure that corresponds to that of the client, from senior managers to engineers, in order to provide transparent and efficient communication. Furthermore, our software Quality Assurance (QA) team applies proven methodologies and constantly works to ensure that our products and services, people, and process are of the best quality. Our unique Advanced Consulting Services (ACS) group achieves our scale of economy by leveraging company-wide experiences, enforcing best-practice processes, and providing clients with big-picture recommendations and advice. Reliably and cost-effectively, Hengtian provides technical services in application development, reengineering, software quality assurance and testing, mobile, cloud migration, and other IT solutions.

Highly Professional Project Governance

In order to meet the diverse needs of our clients, Hengtian's service models include program delivery, on-site service, and integrated service. Having served clients worldwide over the past decade, Hengtian's Project Management Office (PMO) has established a highly professional project governance process with procedures, tools and templates to ensure that every project is high quality, within budget, and on time.

Access to a Broad Skill Base through University Affiliation

Hengtian's affiliation with Zhejiang University, a world-class research university in China with a century-long tradition in engineering and science, ensures Hengtian's access to a large talent pool and a broad skill base, as well as to advanced technology research labs on campus. Hengtian further attracts senior IT talent from companies such as Alibaba and Motorola, as well as others in IT-centric cities around China.

Extensive Capacity and Large Pool of Highly Capable Resources

Hengtian has a highly qualified and rapidly-growing workforce, hundreds of which have Master's degrees or higher in computer science or related majors. Hengtian's management team has devised a long-term, multi-faceted human resources strategy to meet the increasing demands of clients. Built in collaboration with Zhejiang University, our human resources model has proven successful in expanding both the bandwidth and skill sets of our teams, and is the key to ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality service.

Technology Research Lab Capability

One of Hengtian's differentiators is that we help our clients to access top research labs at Zhejiang University. Our client-sponsors from the financial services, healthcare and technology industries have worked with Hengtian and Zhejiang University professors on cutting-edge research for dynamic, global, and information intensive organizations.