Based on over 10 years of experience in the development of enterprise information, Hengtian has created a series of professional products and works to continuously evolve its products and improve their application value so as to guarantee a high standard of client service and product quality.


Financial Data Service Platform

It helps clients to achieve uniform access to data and format transformation in accordance with data standards, and provides flexible customization services. The platform adopts modular design which is different from finance institutions that can make configuration choices to satisfied business demands for it. In addition, it meets the growing business demands that it possesses advantages like uniformity, convenience, flexibility and usability etc.


Capirobo - Robo-Advisor Solution

The App builds a series of quantitative investment strategies based on deep-data.Trading signals are pushed in real time so as to provide investment reference for the investors at the first time.


AML Solution

The AML Solution focuses on the Anti-Money Laundering requirements in financial institutions. It is a proven solution currently helping a number of financial services clients operating in the China market. The solution applies a rules-driven, risk-based approach to solve AML compliance obligations and is constructed based on a high-speed engine which supports real-time transaction monitoring.


Proof of Existence Solution

The Proof of Existence Solution will help you to prove that a document/file/picture was created on a particular date and time via blockchain technology. From that point on, anyone with access to the data can verify it against the blockchain version. Future changes to the data will show up like a sore thumb and can be detected quickly by any connected system. Solution Overview Immutable yet tamper-proof is the nature of blockchain, once the data been written onto the blockchain, it cannot be changed. You can upload your document/file/picture to our system, it will generate a digital sign by hashing all these data via certain algorithm, then the data will be encrypted and stored safely, meanwhile the digital sign will be written onto the blockchain, thus any future change of the original data will be detected easily, and you can prove its existence anytime you want, all in all, written once written forever. System Features Secure Storage Proof of Existence