Based on over 10 years of experience in the development of enterprise information, Hengtian has created a series of professional products and works to continuously evolve its products and improve their application value so as to guarantee a high standard of client service and product quality.


AlphaTest - Test Automation Platform

AlphaTest is a unified platform for quick test automation independently developed by Hengtian. It provides supports and implementation of automated testing for various applications, including web pages, desktops, interfaces and so on.


Text Valve - Big Data Solution

We have a highly skilled Research and Development Team with strong technical expertise in the field of big data. We provide a variety of featured services based on real-time data capture, cleaning, transformation and pushing capabilities.


HengtianYun - Private Cloud Platform

With the growing popularity of IaaS clouds, an ecosystem of tools and technologies is emerging that can transform organizations'existing infrastructure to private cloud. Based on in-depth secondary development of OpenStack, HengtianYun is a highly efficient open-source private infrastructure cloud platform, which can be deployed to enterprises'data center. It brings unified management mechanism for data center. With the most advanced technology and management model, we rebuild IT infrastructure for traditional enterprises'data center as well as help them build a transparent computing, networking and storage resource pools under the environment of traditional x86 architecture server clusters, which simplifies infrastructure structure, improves work efficiency, and upgrade enterprise IT support system from a cost center to an engine that promote core business evolution.