AML Solution

The AML Solution focuses on the Anti-Money Laundering requirements in financial institutions. It is a proven solution currently helping a number of financial services clients operating in the China market. The solution applies a rules-driven, risk-based approach to solve AML compliance obligations and is constructed based on a high-speed engine which supports real-time transaction monitoring.

Solution Overview

The solution can process both real-time and retrospective transaction monitoring, name screening on defined name lists including blacklists, white lists and sanctions lists. It can support both batch processing and streaming processing models to facilitate numerous scenarios by leveraging the rules engine and high-speed real-time calculation engine. It uses an ETL tool to minimize the overhead in supporting different businesses and offers an embedded reporting tool for appropriate oversight.

System Features

  • Real-time Rule Editing
  • Online Rule Management (flexible and configurable rules)
  • Full name screening against defined name list
  • Exact name match and configured extra fields match
  • Rule-based exception identification
  • Case Management with workflow supported
  • Risk Scoring based on risk definitions
  • Name list management
  • Powerful search functionalities
  • Reporting and statistics
  • User, roles and permission management on the access control
  • Operation Log and Full Audit trails


Business architecture diagram ——
Advantages of the scheme
Built-in high-speed calculation and rules engine.
Online rule editing to respond to business change in minutes.
Highly configurable rules to meet various business scenarios.
Multiple name lists supported and customized name list import functionality.
Sanctions lists are supported at cost.
Dashboard and customizable reporting for appropriate oversight of the end to end process.