Hengtian Garners the First Batch Independent Software Vendor Qualification from China Foreign Exchange Trade System
During the Technology Conference of Independent Software Vendors organized by China Foreign Exchange Trade System in December, 2015, Hengtian became one of the first certified independent software vendors based on the long term cooperative relationship with China Foreign Exchange Trade System, as well as the active participation in the training and authentication process.
Figure 1: Jianjing Yang, Vice President of Hengtian, receiving the certification
This qualification marked Hengtian as an authorized software vendor to provide varieties of data access services to the affiliated institutions of China Foreign Exchange Trade System as well as to have priority to join in the interbank market technical communication conferences and all kinds of technical training. Meanwhile, Hengtian will have the privilege to receive the businesses and technology direction of China Foreign Exchange Trade System and participate in the discussion on interface development. Hengtian has started the cooperation with China Foreign Exchange Trade System since 2007, and has provided a series of quality service including protocol setting and appliance framework development, application development, testing, and technical support. As one of the first batch of certified vendors, Hengtian will keep providing outstanding services to China Foreign Exchange Trade System and its affiliated institutions powering on rich industry experience and extraordinary technical capabilities. During the technology conference, China Foreign Exchange Trade System proposed a blueprint of application interface, interbank market standards, and interface redesign of core trading platform. Giving the current status of interbank business, China Foreign Exchange Trade System predicted that the data access service requirement would surge due to the sustainable development of interbank market business, the growing number of affiliated institutions, and the current low coverage of data access.
About Hengtiansoft
Hengtian is a technology services company in Hangzhou, China, an alliance among State Street Corporation, Insigma Technology (a Global Outsourcing 100 Company) and Zhejiang University (A Top Three University in China). Hengtian is dedicated to providing reliable and professional IT services and products for companies at home and abroad. The company offers enterprises customized software development services and IT products and solutions in relation to finance, manufacturing, and retailing, to name a few.