2024 Hengtian New Year Letter

Dear Friends,

With hearts filled with gratitude and joy, we look back upon 2023. We are very grateful for the strides made this year, across our business and with our clients, in innovation and collaboration. All of us at Hengtian wish to express our sincere appreciation for the support and trust shown by all our friends and clients throughout the year. As we bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new, we are delighted to share with you some of the highlights of 2023.


Business Highlights

  • Expanding the Global Market

In response to the uncertainties of a continually changing and challenging world, we’ve been working with our clients to continue to refine and strengthen all our existing forms of connectivity and collaboration, expanding and elevating our work with all our clients, in all markets in which we operate. We are blessed to benefit from the skills, resources and experience of our two shareholders, State Street and Insigma Technology, a public company affiliated with Zhejiang University, to continue to develop best practices and procedures in data protection, software development and engineering and project management protocols. Meanwhile, we have continued to expand our global footprint, forging new partnerships with clients in global luxury e-commerce, healthcare, and with one of the worlds leading toy manufacturers.

  • Building the Domestic Market

While setting our sights on global opportunities, we’ve also refined our focus on domestic financial products, particularly fixed-income offerings. Building upon existing collaborations, we have dived deeper into specialty areas, securing bids from a leading global bank and a “Top 50” city commercial bank. Our work there involves intelligent fixed-income trading, financial market transaction data management platforms, and AI-driven capital trading. In the smart energy sector, positioning ourselves as a pioneer in new electric power system design and engineering, we have further expanded our business footprint and established a significant competitive edge and brand influence through our cooperation with China’s Southern Power Grid.

  • Driving Technology and Business Innovation

Some 2023 project examples include:

- Tenfold performance improvement experienced for a Fortune 500 global catering leader through use of our lightweight fixed asset finance platform.

- 20% efficiency boost and impressive sales revenue across multiple scenarios achieved for a renowned laptop brand with our document management integration platform.

- $65 million demand generated for a world-leading luxury e-commerce company through our work in customizing a retail data services platform.

- Business agility significantly enhanced for a leading wealth management solution provider in Australia through our development of a comprehensive new wealth management platform.

  • Pursuing ESG Responsibilities

- We have partnered with a large Chinese State-owned energy company to launch an innovative energy remote diagnostic platform for wind turbine generator systems (WTGS). Leveraging technologies like IoT, Big Data, 5G and AI, we can diagnose and solve issues in real-time, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

- We have revolutionized the inventory strategy for an international luxury apparel client by creating an employee discount mall app that significantly reduces waste and increases stock turnover.


Honors and Certificates

  • The Most Influential IT Service Enterprises 2022-2023
  • The Bronze Medal - Global Digital Trade Expo Award
  • CMMI Level 5 Appraisal
  • AI Innovation Award Category of Blockchain Technology Innovation Award


As we now move into 2024, challenges and opportunities are there for us and for our clients.  Building on the robust advancements achieved in 2023, we look forward to continuing to collaborate with our clients, our shareholders and our University affiliate to enhance our technology skills and strengthen our collaboration with our global partners.


We know that our success and the realization of opportunities rest in partnership with our clients. We value these relationships and remain committed to building on the foundations we have created with our clients to date. 

To all our clients, our partners and friends around the world, all of us at Hengtian send our warm wishes for a joyful, healthy and productive year of the Dragon in 2024.

Thank you for your partnership with us. 

About Hengtiansoft
Starting from a small research center at Zhejiang University, top 3 in China specializing in computer science and engineering, we, Insigma Hengtian Software, Ltd., a joint venture with State Street Corp. (NYSE: STT) and Insigma Technology Co., Ltd. (SHA: 600797), has grown into a leading tech company with 2,500+ experts. Headquartered in Hangzhou, China, Hengtian operates globally through subsidiaries in Boston, USA, Shanghai, and Hefei, China.