Hengtian Attended AIOT Sharing Its Practices and Researches on Blockchain
Recently, China National CTO Conference and 2020 China (Hangzhou) AIOT Future Conference jointly hosted by Zhejiang Federation of Artificial Intelligence and Hangzhou Association for Science and Technology was held in Hangzhou.The experts of artificial intelligence and big data from Chinese Academy of Sciences, MI, Alibaba Cloud Computing, Huawei Cloud and Lenovo also presented in the conference and Hengtian was selected as one of the “Ten Innovative Solutions in Epidemic Prevention and Control Enabled by AI in Zhejiang” for its Zero-Touch Cloud Recruitment System Jun Chen, the Vice President of Hengtian was invited to receive the award. And Wells Shi, the Vice President of Hengtian was regarded as the Outstanding Engineer and gave a speech on the subject of blockchain’s future trends as well as researches and practices of Hengtian’s blockchain as the Deputy Director of the Blockchain Special Committee of Zhejiang Federation of Artificial Intelligence.


Pic 1: Jun Chen (3rd from right) was invited to receive the award

Wells said, the blockchain technology will mature in the next 5-10 years, during which the blockchain market will gradually integrate and eventually move towards an open architecture, forming a hybrid/support cross-chain business scenario, adapting to different consensus algorithms and business forms, highly extensible and integrated with enterprise development technologies and processes. Based on the school-enterprise cooperation model of ZJU Blockchain Research Center and Commercial College of University College Cork as well as uniting unicorns in the blockchain field, Hyperchian, Hengtian forms a global layout integrating basic platforms, technical research and market application. Hengtian has different solutions applying in different areas. For example, in the blockchain plus finance field, Hengtian has comprehensive solutions such as trade finance, financial transaction depository, basic data sharing platform; in the blockchain plus new infrastructure field, Hengtian has an orbital block chain solution and in the blockchain plus new energy, Hengtian has distributed power trading, photovoltaic anti-poverty block chain solutions. Future, Hengtian will continue to focus on the exploration of business scenarios, increase the intensity of independent innovation, and continue to shift to the upstream with high barriers of professional technical services, mature products and professional technical services, to create greater scientific and technological value for domestic and foreign clients.


Pic 2: Wells Shi was giving the speech

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