Hengtian Industry 4.0 Salon “Informatization helps Intelligent Manufacturing in China” a Great Success
On June 26, Hengtian hosted a Salon entitled “Informatization Helps Intelligent Manufacturing in China” in Hangzhou. In attendance were Zheng Fu, Vice Chairman of the Zhejiang Enterprise Information Association, and Gene Wang,Sales & Marketing Director of Bosch Software Innovations China, among other experts in the area of Industry 4.0. Many guests from DSM, Titanos Group, Big Data Industry Investment Co., Ltd, Qizikang Technology, Insigma Group, and Insigma Electricity participated in the Salon.
Figure 1: Group shot of the Salon attendees

To kick off the Salon, Zheng Fu analyzed the Industry 4.0 policy in Zhejiang province,and Gene Wang explained the Industry 4.0 solution base on Bosch’s practices in this area, both receiving heated responses from guests. During the roundtable discussion, the guests broke into several groups to discuss the challenges of implementing Industry 4.0. Further into the event, Dr Yu “Uny” Cao, Vice President of Hengtian, shared Hengtian’s best practices in relation to Industry 4.0. Lastly, Fei Li, Project Manager of Hengtian, presented two projects that Hengtian has been working on for its clients, the Intelligent Monitoring System and Smart Kanban System. He also elaborated the specific procedures and technical difficulties in terms of the business procedure, business rules, and the technical application.

Figure 2: Zheng Fu, the Vice Chairman of Zhejiang Enterprise Information Association, analyzes Industry 4.0 policies
Figure 3: Gene Wang, Sales & Marketing Director of Bosch Software Innovations China, shares Bosch’s solutions
Figure 4: Heated roundtable discussion
Figure 5: A deep conversation held after the Salon
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