Hengtian Intelligence Logistics Delivery System Included in First Batch of Projects Adopted by the Hangzhou IOT Demonstration Appliance Project
The Hangzhou Economic and Information Technology Commission recently released the first batch of projects selected for inclusion in the Hangzhou IOT Demonstration Appliance Project 2015. Making the list is the Intelligence Logistic Delivery System, which is based on IOT technology independently developed by Hengtian. Traditional logistic companies manually determine delivery routes, a process that lacks scientific planning and rules. With real-world constraints in numerous but non-uniform distribution of delivery terminals, remote locations of delivery centers, differences in the effectiveness of delivery trucks, drivers driving skills, work efficiencies, logistic deliveries accentuate problems in not being able to meet changing demands in peak and slow seasons, and the wastefulness of fixed routes. And these problems impede to the performance of logistic delivery services and to developing resource-oriented economy. The Hengtian Intelligence Delivery System, which was developed independently by Hengtian Software Ltd., is an intelligent logistic delivery and route planning system. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, GIS, GPS, RFID, and the mobile-Internet, the system features automated dynamic route planning that balances the distribution differences between peak and slow seasons, as well as improves the efficiency of deliveries and cutting delivery costs. The system also offers comprehensive voice GPS functions, which cover unknown roads by utilizing Spatial Computing technology to assist the delivery staff. The Hengtian Intelligence Delivery System supports the entire delivery process, including delivery planning, delivery navigation, delivery assistance, real-time monitoring, historical data search, statistics and assessment. In summary, the system greatly benefits both logistics companies  and those companies that require advanced logistics in improving their management and customer service. 移动配送助手
Figure 1: The Mobile Delivery Assistance App
The system can be used across many industries, including the Tobacco, Manufacturing, and FMCG industries. It can combine with the Hengtian E-commerce Platform solution to achieve the integration of sales and logistics to solve many pressing logistics problems, such as the "fixed delivery men, fixed trucks, and fixed routes" problem. Without adding load or lengthening delivery times, the system has been show to cut the costs by 20 percent by increasing load rates, optimizing deliver routes, and reducing the number of vehicles that are dispatched. The Commission’s review was based on three comprehensive standards: project's technical proficiency, market prospects, and economic and society benefits. Forty-four projects were selected to be included in the first batch of Hangzhou IOT Demonstration Appliance Projects for 2015.
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