“Marketing Management E Pass” Mobile Application Development in Promising Progress
The Hengtian mobile team initiated the “Marketing Management E Pass” mobile application project in April, 2012, after rounds of negotiations and technical presentations. The client is the Zhejiang branch of one of the most influential state-owned Chinese banks. The notable competitors included a few well-established Chinese IT companies. After two months’ endeavor, the project has shown promising development, and phase one is expected to be completed in the coming months. “Marketing Management E Pass” is an Android tablet based application for the client’s internal practice. It provides efficient assistance to the lobby managers of its and its sub-branches’ in conducting field management and banking marketing management. It also helps the bank headquarters carry out unified management and conduct instant communication with its branches. The Hengtian mobile team inserts tremendous effort into this project. The team’s competence and passion is evident in both the visual interface design and the back-office program development. Furthermore, Hengtian mobile team has shown its high capability in client communication during the developing process, to the client’s great satisfaction.
About Hengtiansoft
Hengtian is a technology services company in Hangzhou, China, an alliance among State Street Corporation, Insigma Technology (a Global Outsourcing 100 Company) and Zhejiang University (A Top Three University in China). Hengtian is dedicated to providing reliable and professional IT services and products for companies at home and abroad. The company offers enterprises customized software development services and IT products and solutions in relation to finance, manufacturing, and retailing, to name a few.