Insigma Took Part in Financial Information Technology Innovation Strategy Alliance
The Financial Information Technology Innovation Strategy Alliance (FITIS) was founded in Beijing on Sep. 8th, 2010. FITIS was founded by seven well-known financial information technology companies (Insigma Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Yucheng Technologies Ltd., Digital China, Sinosoft Co., Ltd., iSoftStone, RayooTech, and Beijing Juxin Alliance Technology Co., Ltd.) and includes many industry leading companies such as NTT DATA, Longtop and ATMU. FITIS is the first alliance in the financial information technology field in China, and it is a non-profit technological innovation cooperation organization aiming to help member companies realize collaborated development, complement each others’ advantages, and share benefits and risks. FITIS integrates the resources of companies and institutions in the financial IT industry, making convenient and efficient cooperation and sharing of technological resources possible. As a founder member of FITIS, Insigma took part in the founding ceremony. Being a leading financial outsourcing company in China with strong project development capabilities and rich management experience, Insigma is committed to making significant contributions to the sustained development of the China financial information service industry.
About Hengtiansoft
Hengtian is a technology services company in Hangzhou, China, an alliance among State Street Corporation, Insigma Technology (a Global Outsourcing 100 Company) and Zhejiang University (A Top Three University in China). Hengtian is dedicated to providing reliable and professional IT services and products for companies at home and abroad. The company offers enterprises customized software development services and IT products and solutions in relation to finance, manufacturing, and retailing, to name a few.