Mayor Visited Insigma Hengtian
On Sept 10th, 2008, Mr. Cai Qi, mayor of Hangzhou City, visited the new office of HengTian in the Insigma Software Park. Mr. Zhou Bo, President and CEO of HengTian, Mr. Shi Lie, CEO of Insigma Technology and Mr. Jerry Cristoforo, Executive Vice President and CTO of State Street, met with Mayor Cai to escort him around the new Software Park. The new office is strategically located near Zijingang Campus to take advantage of the resources of the top Chinese university. Insigma Software Park also provides a better working environment and upgraded facilities to improve work efficiency and prepare for further business expansion. Followed by this visit, a meeting on outsourcing was held in the Hangzhou Eastern Software Park. Representatives from Hangzhou governmental institutions and outsourcing companies attended the meeting. Hengtian CEO Zhou Bo discussed the continuous growth of Hengtian’s outsourcing business, much to the approval and recognition from everyone in attendance. Mayor Cai stated that the government will continue to support outsourcing business, and major companies like Insigma Hengtian and State Street should continue to play the leading role and contribute to the economic development of outsourcing business in Hangzhou. As a strategic alliance among Insigma Technology, State Street Corp. and Zhejiang University, Hengtian is dedicated to providing the leading innovative services for global financial institutions. By capitalizing on the rich management and marketing capabilities of Insigma Technology and State Street Corp., as well as on the strong academic resources and people of Zhejiang University, Hengtian has showed continuous fast growth in outsourcing business to date.
About Hengtiansoft
Hengtian is a technology services company in Hangzhou, China, an alliance among State Street Corporation, Insigma Technology (a Global Outsourcing 100 Company) and Zhejiang University (A Top Three University in China). Hengtian is dedicated to providing reliable and professional IT services and products for companies at home and abroad. The company offers enterprises customized software development services and IT products and solutions in relation to finance, manufacturing, and retailing, to name a few.