Infrastructure Operation and Maintenance

Hengtian software is committed to providing customers with professional one-stop enterprise infrastructure and it operation and maintenance solutions. The expert team has CNAs national laboratory qualification, OCP, CCNP, RHCE, CISP (the highest national qualification for information security personnel), ciip-a (equal assurance) and other personal qualifications, and is dedicated to providing customers with authoritative national standard security testing services.


IT Managed Services

The Hengtian Global Infrastructure Services (GIS) team was established in 2006 and provides high quality infrastructure services, such as server management, database management, storage management, network management, desktop management, middleware management, configuration management, and service desk management. The Hengtian GIS team not only has a strong technical capability, but most of its service experts are OCP, CCNP, RHCE, MCSE, ITIL, ICSD, JIA, and JIS certified. The Hengtian GIS team brings other advantages to the table, such as English proficiency, strong team collaboration, and excellent communication skills.


Hengtian Yun

With the growing popularity of IaaS clouds, an ecosystem of tools and technologies is emerging that can transform organizations'existing infrastructure to private cloud. Based on in-depth secondary development of OpenStack, HengtianYun is a highly efficient open-source private infrastructure cloud platform, which can be deployed to enterprises'data center. It brings unified management mechanism for data center. With the most advanced technology and management model, we rebuild IT infrastructure for traditional enterprises'data center as well as help them build a transparent computing, networking and storage resource pools under the environment of traditional x86 architecture server clusters, which simplifies infrastructure structure, improves work efficiency, and upgrade enterprise IT support system from a cost center to an engine that promote core business evolution.